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Service quality

Client experience turns normal users into loyal people to your brand. Evaluate your clients’ service and grow your business with retention strategies.

Committed employee

The behavior of the human factor has a direct influence in the company’s productivity. Likewise, the fluctuations in the preferences of the consumers have an impact in their purchasing habits. Therefore, different studies have been developed to improve work environments.

Product Testing

Every company aspires to understand the preferences of their consumers, as well as their perception on services or products. Sometimes even comparing products with the competition or evaluating a new product’s potential in the market. To make this possible, it is necessary to “test” products or to simulate different situations to identify the consumer’s reaction.

Campaign evaluation

Evaluating the impact of newspaper, tv and radio advertising (in all stages). The study also evaluates speeches, radio spots, other advertising and communication elements. CID Gallup also provides strategic advice to develop advertising campaigns and client segmentation.

Follow-up study

The global market is in constant change. Companies are becoming more and more competitive each day. That is why understanding the consumers behavior has become vital.

Custom market research studies

CID Gallup has the capacity to design custom research studies in line with the company’s objectives. Our team of experts will help you find the most suitable study to achieve your company’s goals.


It is a private study within the national polls that takes place three times a year with private questions. It provides a national perspective on different topics.