Quantitative research

Face-to-face interviews

1.   CID Gallup is a pioneer company in digital information in the region. The interviews can be conducted anywhere thanks to our electronic devices. This process allows the data bases to be updated at the end of each working session/ work period.
2.   Supervisors are constantly verifying the collected information from each interview from the fieldwork.
3.   Our multidisciplinary team is in charge of reviewing each step of the fieldwork.

Phone interviews

1.   Our Call Center allows to make phone calls to any country in the region.

Mall track

1.   This study measures the audience and visuals of each window
2.   Each window shop is turned into a valuable information extraction point, to make decisions, know the schedules that have more people traffic, and also the amount of people who stop at the windows, for how long, how many of them entered the stores and even if they made a purchase.
3.   The study provides a better visualization of the window shops and stores and improves in connections.

Online Surveys

1.   The study guarantees the registration of one person at the time, due to its single user feature. Also, the information submitted is controlled in a way that the sample will not get disturbed by the single user log in.
2.   This type of survey es recommended for corporate environments, therefore it can achieve a better response level.


It is a private study. It takes place three times a year with questions inserted in the national polls, to provide a national perspective on different topics.

CID Gallup

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Focus group

1.   A small group of individuals is gathered to discuss about a certain topic. It lasts approximately an hour and it is conducted by a professional moderator.
2.   It provides information that helps structure the consumers questionnaires.
3.   It produces general information of the products category.
4.   It determines the impressions and concepts of a new product or service.
5.   Gesell Chambers are installed in all our offices to film the focus group projects. They record audio and video.

Mystery Shoppers

1.   This study evaluates aspects of the service that will be measured to improve customer service. This information will also be compared with the stablished standards in the attention protocol.
2.   It tracks and measures service quality.
3.   It controls the fulfillment of the procedures.
4.   It guarantees the quality of the products and services.
5.   It reinforces areas for improvement by analyzing positive and negative aspects.
6.   Offers reliable tools to improve the services

Documentary review

1.   Qualitative and comparative evaluation of data documentation. Such as reports, politics, statistics, and any other format.

In-depth interviews

1.   Open questions in which the interviewee can express their perceptions with their own words.
2.   Its primary purpose is to understand the interviewees opinion concerning a specific topic, its terminology, and their judgement.
3.   The interviews are conducted with predefined questions that are numbered in a guide. This guide also helps to execute the verification during the interview, to ensure all the obtained information is the same even if is collected from different people.


Neuromarketing is the discipline that integrates traditional marketing and the latest achievements about “The understanding of brain processes which explain human behavior and their decision making”. Attitudes and emotions are not always stated by the consumers, with that in mind with the help of biometrics technology is possible to register these emotions.


1.   Ethnography studies people or groups during a specific period by applying observation or conducting interviews to determine their social behavior and obtaining a more realistic image of the studied group.
2.   The obtained data consist of the detailed description of customs, believes, myths, genealogies, history, language, among others.

CID Gallup

"Market intelligence leader"


CID Gallup is certified with the ESOMAR code. This organization is essential to promote, advance, and develop social and market research worldwide.
1.   We assure you that neither personal data nor the person who gave this information can be traceable or identified.
2.   We take all possible precautions to assure the data is been safely maintained. This information is protected against data loss, no authorized access, destruction, misuse, manipulation and disclousure.
3.   Personal information should not be held longer than necessary for the purpose it was gathered or used.
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CID Gallup

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Software features

Records the interview
Takes pictures in random moments of the interview.
Provides GPS location of the interviews.
Stores the start and ending times of the interviews.
Stores the time between questions in the interview.
After the gathering of the data,0 it executes a cross-check of the questions of the validation instrument.
It has quality controls in the office and in the field.
Listens in the office, at least 30% of the interviews conducted by each interviewer.
Verifies offices’: pictures, times, place of the interview and correct application of the survey.
Calls the informant to revalidate the information, to correct mistakes and to thank.
Monitors the interviewers permanently
Maintains a proportion of 5 interviewers per supervisor.
Un máximo de 5% de entrevistas a realizar en cada proyecto por un entrevistador.
Controls the variation of answers between the interviewers.
Controls de consistency of the informant’s answers.